Thursday, August 29, 2013

Smartphones, QR codes, and Village Council agendas, oh my!

If you have a barcode scanner app on your smartphone, you can now download the entire current village council meeting agenda packet...yes, the entire your smartphone by scanning the QR code in the upper right hand corner of the agenda cover sheet!  Simply scan the QR code, allow your smartphone to download the document, open the document using a PDF file reader, and you can view all of the meeting agenda documents right on your phone.  We will soon be creating bookmarks to allow you to easily navigate the agenda packet so that you can follow along with the meeting.  Just another way that we are working hard to make village government open, accessible, and transparent for our citizens!

Lake Orion has a new logo!

The Lake Orion village council approved a new official logo for the village.  The Lake Orion dragon logo is actually a combination of four elements: (1) the dark green head of a dragon representing the close connection between the village and the Lake Orion school district and annual Dragon on the Lake festival; (2) a light green park scene with trees and bicyclists representing the wonderful park and recreational opportunities awaiting you in our village; (3) a dark red historic downtown facade representing the village's proud history, historic architecture, and vibrant downtown business community; and (4) a whimsical light blue sailboat emphasizing our cherished lake living.  The four elements comprise the head and body of the Dragon, symbolizing the interconnectedness and synergy of the elements in making us the wonderful, unique, and quaint community that we are.  This logo is the culmination of a lot of work on the part of the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority through its community branding process and is intended to provide a concise, clear, and unified message about the Lake Orion community.

Look for our new logo to begin appearing on all of our printed and electronic documents over the next few months!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lake Orion is on Twitter @LakeOrion

The Village of Lake Orion has its own Twitter account!  Follow us and receive important tweets on community happenings and information affecting you.  Go to

SeeClickFix Community Issue Reporting App

I am pleased to say that my office now participates in the SeeClickFix online citizen reporting app, which allows citizens to report community concerns within the village.  Once a problem is reported, my office will immediately receive an E-mail so that the village can follow up on your concern.  To report an issue, visit SeeClickFix at, type in "Lake Orion, MI" as your neighborhood and then click on "Report an Issue" at the upper right hand corner of the page.  It's that easy!